Get perfect nails with gel nails at The Beauty Lounge

When you look after your appearance, not only do you look good but you feel good too. Gel nails are known to be the most natural looking artificial nail available on the market today.

Gel nails are thin and flexible, just like real nails, while also retaining a glossy look. Besides looking natural, they also feel natural. All these factors contribute to making them better than any other type of artificial nail.

Gel nails are perfect for any types of nails, whether you cannot get your own nails to grow, have a nail biting habit, or just cannot get a professional look with your own nails. If you are looking to enhance your nail beauty through gel nails the design possibilities are endless, from the timeless elegance of a French manicure to a perfectly painted coat in any colour of your choice, or why not let your imagination run wild with a nail art design of your choice.

Nail art and colours can be changed every day if you like, to match your outfit or your mood. The mixture used to make the resin for the gel nails is completely odourless, and is safe to use during pregnancy; also the curing time is much shorted than for other artificial nails.

If you want a full set or refills, the process only takes one hour at The Beauty Lounge, though intricate nail art will take longer. Gel nails usually do not chip, break, or crack, which makes them the best choice available right now. This is why The Beauty Lounge has chosen this technique; it will fit into your busy schedule, and create a look to suit you.

For more information contact Naoise or Selma at The Beauty Lounge, Level 3 Corbett Court (upstairs beside Hickey’s ), by calling (091 ) 539738.


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