Aikido: True victory is self-victory

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that promotes self-awareness and personal development. Its techniques are entirely focused on self-defence, and involve unbalancing and controlling an aggressor without recourse to violence. Instead, relaxed, circular movements blend with the movement of the attack, and destabilize the attacker using his or her own momentum. The training develops physical stamina, resilience, suppleness, co- ordination, and timing. On a deeper level, aikido teaches how to face stressful situations with focus, resolve, and clarity. There are no competitions, and men and women of all sizes and physical conditions can practice safely together.

Atlantic Aikido will run a six-week beginners’ course on Mondays from 7.30pm to 9pm, starting on Monday May 12 in St Joseph’s Community Centre, Ashe Road, Shantalla. Classes are open to adults aged 16 and over. The cost is 48 for six weeks (includes 8 for annual insurance ). Contact [email protected] or 086 3522142 for more details and to register. For more information, see


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