Episode 06 - The Salthill Development Organisation & Roger Casement

Old Galway Diary | Thursday, April 8, 2021 | 23:49

In this episode, Tom discusses The Hanger Ballroom and the Salthill Development Organisation. Ronnie has been researching Roger Casement. listen


Episode 05 - William Street & de Valera's letters

Old Galway Diary | Thursday, April 1, 2021 | 18:59

In this episode, Ronnie briefly returns to Augustus John who came up last week. Tom discusses a photo of William street from 1904 and the old trams that used to connect Galway city to Salthill. Ronnie talks about Twain Island by way of Éamon de Valera and the letter he wrote his young wife while spending time on the island. listen


Episode 04 - The burning of the Sinn Fein hall, Tawin national school

Old Galway Diary | Monday, March 29, 2021 | 27:04

In this episode, Tom discusses the burning of the Sinn Fein hall by the Black and Tans 100 years ago. Tom also discusses Augustus John who was in Galway at that time as a guest of Fireball Macnamara. Augustus John has paintings of Galway hanging in the national gallery in London. Ronnie continues his talk about the Irish language school in Tawin. This week he outlines the opposition and objections to its founding. listen


Episode 03 - The tidal Pools & the Irish Language School in Tawin

Old Galway Diary | Thursday, March 18, 2021 | 22:19

In this episode, Tom discusses ‘The Pools’ in Salthill and attempts to restore them to their former glory, while Ronnie describes the role played by Sir Roger Casement in securing an Irish speaking teacher for the school in Tawin, Co. Galway. listen


Episode 02 - The Galway Jail & More from Dr Séamus Ó Beirn

Old Galway Diary | Thursday, March 11, 2021 | 19:26

In this episode, Tom discusses the jail in Galway on Nuns Island and some of its more famous guests, including Miles Joyce a man wrongfully convicted of the maamtrasna murders. Ronnie talks more about Dr Séamus Ó Beirn and how he treated tuberculosis in the west of Ireland. The finish up discussing Samuel Beckett who requested an Irish translation of Waiting for Godot from Tom years ago. listen


Episode 01 - Bowling Green & Dr Séamus Ó Beirn

Old Galway Diary | Thursday, March 4, 2021 | 16:05

In this episode Tom and Ronnie cover Bowling Green, Dr Séamus Ó Beirn, the treatment of tuberculosis in the west of Ireland, the Irish sweepstakes and Tom's dealings with the National Gallery in Ireland. listen

The Old Galway Diary podcast is brought to you by two of Galway’s finest writers and storytellers, Ronnie O’Gorman and Tom Kenny. Ronnie and Tom have been writing in The Galway Advertiser newspaper for over five decades and have amassed a wealth of knowledge of all things Galway over this period.

Both wonderful storytellers, Ronnie and Tom are now available on The Galway Advertiser’s podcast series on a weekly basis. Elaborating on topics they have covered in the paper, and many other aspects of Galway life and history, they bring their inimitable style to allow you relax, listen and enjoy.

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