Three Simple Fashion & Beauty Tips

Brow Wow

What is sold every second and will make your eyes pop? A pair of Eylure eyelashes is the answer.

From natural-looking to statement va-va-volume ones, you can choose which style statement to make.

Suitable for all eye shapes, these lashes are handmade and can be worn more than once.

Check out the latest offering - the Eylure 3 Dimensional (€9.99 ). These layered lashes have a patented offset band for a lengthened look and depth. There is a 3D effect to the lash which kicks up the layered lash for a gorgeous look on the eye while the offset band makes for a more flexible application.

The new Eylure Brow Amplifier (€12.99 ) is a brow fibre gel that creates a long-lasting, intense colour while taming the brows. It provides colour and hold and staying power. It really plumps the brows and leaves them looking fuller and gives them added dimension. The triple-whammy brow-taming gel, boosts volume, adds colour, and ensures that hairs do not stray. It is available in dark brown, mid brown, or blonde shades.

If you are short on space or time, the multi-purpose New Eylure Brow Contour (€11.99 ) is your eyebrows' best friend. A two-in-one colour and highlighter, one end of it is a long-lasting firm pencil enhanced with rosemary, in a chubby style for a quicker brow application. The other end offers a matt highlighter that is sleek and silky and the perfect brow contouring tool.

A little brow-grooming goes a long way and this Brow Palette kit gives you everything you need to shade, sculpt and add definition. You can sculpt with the firm hold waterproof wax to give transfer resistance and long wear and colour with the intensely pigmented powder that is encapsulated with Vitamins A and C.

Who needs a make-up artist when you’ve got stencils on-hand for instant brow wow. Give your brows shape and style with these brow stencils. With four different arch shapes, it can make any brow go from drab to fab in just a few minutes.

If your brows are in need of a fast fix the Eylure Eyebrow Shapers (€3.49 ) which feature shaped hair removal strips will have them fixed in a flash. Fast, effective and easy to use, these are the ideal error-free alternative to tweezing. They are specially shaped to be used above and below the brow line, creating perfectly shaped brows every time.

• Eylure beauty products are available from local pharmacies.

Fake it

Are your nails looking the worse for wear? While the rest of your appearance may be perfectly groomed and elegant your nails may let you down.

If that sounds all too familiar then Elegant Touch Totally Bare Nails may be the answer. They will allow you fake it in style.

These high class false nails provide a blank canvas so you can create your own look. Whether you want to polish them or be inspired by nail art, they are simple to use and you can decorate them before applying them to your hands.

Nail polish lasts much longer on Elegant Touch Totally Bare Nails as it adheres more firmly due to the lack of moisture normally found on natural nails, ensuring colour will not lift or peel during wear, according to the makers. Each nail application lasts up to 10 days which eliminates the effort of touch-ups, smudges, and chipping.

Its Totally Bare Stiletto Bumper Kit (€12.99 ) is a must-have for all nail enthusiasts. In a best-selling stiletto shape each kit contains 216 of the attention grabbing stiletto nail shapes in different sizes which can be filed down to your desired shape if you want to mix it up. The kit also includes nail glue, nail file and a handy carry case, perfect for those repairs on the go.

The Totally Bare Mixed Bumper Kit (€12.99 ) includes all of the best-selling nail shapes. With a mixture of the best nail shapes on the market - 216 - this kit contains everything you need to experiment with your polish. Try square for a classical style loved by all; experiment with oval for an elegant and elongated look; or go all-out with the attention-grabbing stiletto shape. The kit also includes accessories including nail glue, etc.

The good thing about Totally Bare nails is that you can paint and embellish them before gluing them on.

• Totally Bare Nails are available from local pharmacies.

Bags of style for mum

Wondering what to buy your mother for Mother's Day? Maybe perfume, flowers, chocolate, or jewellery have crossed your mind. Or how about a handbag, a style accessory which will revitalise her wardrobe and bring her bang up to date for spring?

Gionni has a great selection of stylish and elegant bags to ensure you spoil that important woman in your life on March 26. Whatever her style or taste there is something that will appeal.

Or if you want to pamper yourself for having survived the lean mean month of January or for keeping your New Year resolutions then a new handbag may be the perfect gift to yourself. It will allow you to retire your trusty and functional black winter bag and upgrade to a brighter, better model.

At Gionni, the look for spring/summer 2017 is all about fun. Stand-out colours and designer prints are a constant theme throughout the collection, a complete departure from drab winter colours.

Animal prints are on trend this spring and they can be seen throughout the range. These are like neutrals - they are made up of brown, beige, and black, after all. This makes them very versatile and cost effective because your bag will match almost every outfit you have.

Bright colours add excitement to your wardrobe. You can use a vibrant bag to add pzazz to an otherwise neutral outfit, a style risk that will always pay off.

Buying a new bag does not have to break the bank. Gionni prides itself its range of catwalk bags at high street prices and has a bag for every woman at a range of price points.

• The Gionni range is available from Kilkenny Stores, Debenhams, and leading local retailers.


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