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I visited Plexus Bio Energy in Galway in September 2013. I had suffered from mental and physical exhaustion for a year and a half after cutting short a trip abroad. I could no longer work in the fast paced corporate world where I travelled a great deal. I had no energy to function, as well as suffering from severe depression Iwas emotionally the lowest and weakest I've ever felt in my life. I had gone on medication for depression for five months but I did not like the side effects. I did otherformsof complementary therapy which helped me, but when I visited Tina and Michael I was looking for emotional healing as well as fully restoring my energy and eliminating the depres sion so I could work and return to a normal life.

I wanted to move to another country but my healthwasnot restored and I was emotionally not fit to do so. I am a positive person and I had done everything I could to assist my own recovery and I was getting discouraged after a year and a half. I read all the testimonials and decided to give Plexus Bio Energy a go. I had nothing to lose. Tina and Michael were both so professional and reassuring and I was delighted I had found them. They assured me if I stuck with it my health would return.

The first round of treatments I found very difficult and I had to sleep a great deal. My energy got worse before it got better.Tina and Michael assured me this was normal. Tina assured me I was sleeping so much as the toxins were leaving my body. I kept going back for more treatments every six weeks, and each round got easier, and I started slowly to feel stronger and my depression started to lift. I stuck with it as I started to slowly get more relief. Within four months I had the strength to move to another country.

Iamhere almost two months and I am back working after two years. I feel really well and my energy has returned to about 75 per cent of what it used to be. My depression has finally gone and I am emotionally the strongest ever, stronger than before my illness. Plexus Bio Energy was the final process in my healing journey and I will be forever grateful to Tina and Michael. I will always keep them both in my daily prayers of gratitude. They gave me my health and life back and the emotional strength to make a difficult decision to move and make changes in my life.

My health is restored and I know in time my energy levels will be fully restored. I will visit them every year when I return home to make sure this will never happen to me again. I would highly recommend Tina and Michael for the great work they do. They are true caring professionals.

Aine, February 2014.

For more information contact Plexus Bi Energy, Lismoyle House, Merchants Road, on (091 ) 568855.


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