Get fit for parenthood with specialises in quality jogging buggies for active parents. The secret to enjoyable jogging with a buggyis usingaproper jogger with large 16” rear wheels. It seemed difficult to get them in Ireland, so Aoife Kavanagh decided to set up BabyRun.

“As a parent my jogging buggy is by far the only piece of equipment that I could not do without. Using my jogger is the only way I can include running into my day; therefore maintaining my fitness andsanity,” explained founder Aoife Kavanagh.

Becoming a parent does not mean you have to run less. If you are struggling to find the time to run during the day, there are plenty of attractions to jogging with a buggy such as exercising for you, fresh air foryourpassenger, a chancetogetout together, and no need for a babysitter.

“We have personally tested all of the buggies featured on our website on trail, track, and road and selected them because of their lightweight pushing, comfortable design, and durability. From race trainingtoroutine jogging, running is a completebody andmind workout, and investing in a running buggy is a great way to take your fitness to the nextlevelandtake your child along at the same time. Different models are availabletosuit each runner, with every goal, on every training surface.” For more information log on to


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