Educogym Oranmore, getting the balance right

Today, there are more gyms in Ireland than ever before yet research shows that 90 per cent of people stop going to the gym after only six weeks.

Educogymoperates under an entirely different concept. Taking nutrition, exercise, and mental factors into account, the staff at Educogym have come up with the ultimate nutrition and training programme that shows realresults.Tara McFadden,ownerof EducogymOranmore Galway,explainsthe thinkingbehind Educogym.

“When people decide they want to drop a few pounds they generally go on a calorie controlled diet and do lots of aerobic exercise. What they do not realise is that they are losing muscle tissue and not fat. This means that when they start eating normally again, or miss a few sessions in the gym, they not only put all the weight back on, they put on extra weight too.

“At Educogym Oranmore, we focus on firming up the muscle tissue, as the better your muscle condition the faster your metabolism will be. When combined with our nutrition programme, the results are amazing.”

Educogym is goal orientated and focuses on getting the client the right results. Each client has specific goals and targets thatareassessed regularly. Training is based on weight resistance exercises, which have proven track results muscle toning. Each session is by appointment only, and every workout is fully supervised by a trainer. Better still, a training session at Educogym takes only between 20 and 25 minutes. It is fast, intensive, and it works.

For more information on how to kick start your Educogym fitness programme, contact Educogym on 087 6785028 or email [email protected]


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