Bikini body breakthroughs: The latest treatments to get you ready for the beach

Many people have been at the gym or hitting the streets all winter and spring in a bid to get healthy and fit (and yes, hitting the beach may partly be a motivation ). Try as they might there is still one thing that eludes them; that bikini body confidence. People hope that that hike up the office stairs and racing for the bus would help but, alas, a little more help is needed to shape up.

This is why it is necessary to turn to the experts, like at Therapie Clinic. Therapie has introduced a range of non-surgical solutions to help you achieve your best bikini body. People come in different shapes and sizes so the aim is to tailor the treatments to your specific body type and shape. Two new treatments come all the way from Hollywood - the Brazilian bum lift and the mini tummy tuck.

Brazilian bum lift

Now you can eliminate a sagging behind, add shape and volume, and get terrific results without any of the risk or expense of surgery.

Therapie Clinic's non-invasive Brazilian bum lift is the most effective way to enhance your rear appeal, sculpting the curves of your derriere and erasing cellulite using the latest non-surgical breakthrough in body contouring. Traditional buttock augmentation involves surgical redistribution of fatty tissue to create anaesthetically pleasing shape to a flat behind; an expensive procedure that carries risk and a long recovery time.

Therapie Clinic uses clinically proven technology that melts the fat pockets that cause dimpled and lumpy skin, repositioning some of the malleable fat for a more appealing buttock contour. Broken down liquefied fat is then disposed of naturally by the body. The clinic is also offering an amazing introductory price at only €295 for three sessions.

Mini tummy tuck

An hourglass figure just would not be the same without a toned waist to accentuate those killer curves. It is no surprise that many people are looking to whittle those middles in time for summer.

Most women have problems with excess weight and skin around their middle. It is where we tend to store adipose tissue; skin is easily stretched and becomes flabby, and it is the reason tummy tucks have become one of the most popular procedures in the world.

If the expense and recovery time of going under the knife does not appeal to you, you will be delighted to discover Therapie Clinic's non-surgical alternative - the 'mini' tummy tuck.

The treatment is FDA approved; requires no incisions, anaesthetic, or downtime, and is safe and effective. The technology has come all the way from Hollywood with a celebrity following that includes Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, and Britney Spears. By employing a bespoke approach of freezing and heating techniques in order to maximise fat loss, patients tend to see up to 40 per cent fat reduction in the target area after a course of treatments.

If you want to see measurable results, toned skin, and an improved silhouette, Therapie Clinic is the destination for visible results. To find out more about these treatments check out or visit your local clinic at 42 William Street. Not sure what treatment suits you? Therapie Clinic offers free consultations, call (091 ) 539900 to book an appointment.


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