Gift your child good dental health

In these modern, educated, times a child’s visit to the dentist has become a relaxed and pleasant encounter. An early start will promote healthy dentition and forge a good relationship with the dentist into adulthood.

Baby teeth erupt at approximately six months and the parents should gently introduce a soft brush to the gums and continue to brush their children’s teeth twice daily up to the age of eight. It is advisable to bring your toddler with you on a routine dental check up introducing

the child to a friendly spin on the chair. At the average age of six years, when the back permanent molars are erupting, Forster Court Dentalhighlyrecommendsapreventive treatment called fissure sealants, thus protecting the tooth from plaque decay and future fillings, while also offering fluoride treatment to strengthen teeth.

Forster Court Dental offers a quality service in a child friendly environment. Proper brushing techniques and informed dietary habits should

be expertly taught to a child of approximately eight years. A professional hygienist will demonstrate and re-inforce all your years of instructing on ‘deaf’ ears.

The dental team in Forster Court Dental will motivate your child towards a positive attitude regarding dental health and confidence in his or her smile. Do not be afraid of the dentist and do your child a favour for life.

For more information contact Dr Mary Colbert of Forster Court Dental on (091 ) 562223.


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