Galway is twenty eight kegs lighter thanks to LighterLife

LighterLife’s weight loss and weight management counsellor Adam Butcher has been helping men and women in the Galway area lose weight and keep it off. Over the past 12 months he has helped his clients successfully lose an incredible 249 stone or 3,486lbs — the same weight as 28 kegs of Guinness.

“I am really thrilled to have helped so many people lose such an incredible amount of weight,” Mr Butcher said. “All my clients have done such a fantastic job and I hope to continue to help people in this way in the future.”

Through the use of nutritionally balanced soups, shakes, bars, and meals, combined with specialised counselling techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy and transactional analysis (CBT and TA ), people not only lose weight but explore some of the reasons they put on weight — because there is usually a bit more to it than simply eating too much. Understanding why you overeat means you are less likely to return to the old habits that led to weight gain in the past, so you can live lighter in the future.

Across the UK and Republic of Ireland LighterLife has helped more than 250,000 people lose weight and keep it off. The LighterLife programme is designed specifically for people who have one stone or more to lose and a body mass index of 25 or above. New research from the Robert Gorden University in Aberdeen has proven that a very low calorie diet (VCLD ) like the LighterLife Total programme is far more effective at tackling obesity than conventional diets. If you have been struggling with your weight and want to lose a stone or more why not give Adam Butcher a call for a free consultation.

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Butcher on (091 ) 765772 or visit


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