Get geared up for fitness at Anatomy

=Anatomy ladies’ exercise and leisure boutique on Abbeygate Street promotes healthy lifestyles and fit bodies.

Anatomy is not just about clothes and products, but about reminding you to take time out for yourself, to seize the day and value what you have. Take a walk, run along the beach, test your limits, move out of your comfort zone, cycle, take up yoga, relax... do whatever it is you enjoy, but move your body in comfortable, high quality, stylish wear.

Anatomy now has a number of new additions to its exclusive ranges.

Trigirl is developed by women triathletes for women triathletes, and is the most distinctive technically advanced stylish triathlon brand available in the marketplace today. Trigirl is exclusive to Anatomy in Galway.

Thoosa running wear is a range of simple, flattering running clothing. Women who love running can do it comfortably and fashionably thanks to the new Thoosa range now available in Anatomy.

Also available is Yamarama, yoga inspired clothing to stretch and then relax in. Yamarama offers a great fit in sizes small to extra large.

The Anatomy website is now live at



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