Easy steps to a wardrobe that works for you

It is an exciting time of the year, with shops bursting with the new season’s collections. You probably can’t wait to hit the shops and buy those must have pieces that will get you through the season, but before going you need to make sure that your wardrobe works for you. Do you feel you have so many clothes, you can’t see them? Or nothing goes with anything, and the tag is still on some clothes? Or maybe you feel completely lost every morning when you open your wardrobe?

If you are tired of your look and fancy a complete overhaul of your wardrobe, now is the time to rescue it with a good wardrobe weeding.

The benefits are many: You will feel good, and look good. Getting dressed will be so much easier, and you will save money.

A wardrobe that works is a wardrobe with clothes that suit your shape and lifestyle. You have to have key pieces, or separates, ie, skirts, jackets, that can be easily mixed and matched together. It is about having few but good quality pieces that flatter you and can be worn for more than one occasion.

Dedicate a day to trying on your clothes, and discard anything that does not suit you or has lost its shape. With the remaining items, try to create looks. This is where you need someone who can help you decide what needs to go or stay, and how to create various looks with fewer pieces.

After all that effort, make sure to store your clothes back properly into your wardrobe.

Now that you can see clearly what you have, decide what you need for the coming season. Do you need to get a new looks for work? For upcoming social events? Or do you need more specific items to go with existing items? Make a list and try to stick to it when shopping.

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