Treating sports injuries with traditional Chinese medicine

Playing sports is a wonderful way to stay in shape and have fun with friends. Whether you are a casual sports player, a weekend warrior, or someone who trains hard every day, acupuncture can be extremely valuable for you.

From the Chinese medical point of view, the body is an energetic collection of functions, not just a mechanical collection of parts. We contain life energy, or qi, and a person is said to be in perfect health when this energy is flowing unimpeded, and in an adequate amount throughout the entire body.

Qi is the basis for the proper functioning of all body processes: it provides structural integrity and stability, physiological efficiency, and the potential for healing. When you sustain an injury the flow of energy in and around the area becomes disrupted, causing stagnation and pain. This energy stagnation also inhibits the proper circulation of blood and lymph to the area, extending healing times, prolonging swelling and bruising, and increasing the need for pain medications. Enhanced circulation also carries dead cells and cellular waste products away from the injured site.

When Chinese herbal medicine is added to acupuncture treatments, the healing and pain-relieving effects are even greater. Herbs for injuries may be applied topically and/or taken internally, depending on the nature of the injury. Massage techniques may also be incorporated or used on their own.

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