Fíbín to take over An Taibhdhearc for three years

Connemara based company promises tenure will create ‘a dynamic home’ for artists working as Gaeilge

For the first time, an independent theatre company is to take over the programming and administration of An Taibhdhearc, the national Irish language theatre.

Fíbín Teo, which is based in Baile na hAbhann, Connemara, was announced this week as the company that will be overseeing these roles for the next three years. Fíbín is the largest Irish-language theatre company in Ireland, staging both new writing and classic plays.

As well as programming and production, the company will develop a strategy to ensure a vibrant future for Irish language arts in Ireland; and be expected to utilise the An Taibhdhearc space to its fullest potential. Fíbín will also focus on building a team and will be hiring a wide range of people to fulfil its needs and programme.

"Fíbín will bring a fresh new energy to the space, supporting new voices, and be a springboard for electrifying, original theatre"

Darach Ó Tuairisg, CEO of Fíbín, said the company is “very proud” to have the opportunity to run An Taibhdhearc and be part of “a very innovative approach” by the theatre’s board.

“An Taibhdhearc has a strong brand and is one of the best venues in the country,” he said. “Theatre and the arts will see many challenges in the coming years but we believe there is huge potential for this theatre space. With this in mind, we are looking forward to working with the creative community in Galway and in the rest of the country.”


Philip Doherty, Fíbín artistic director said the company and An Taibhdhearc will create “a dynamic home” for artists - undiscovered, emerging or established - working as Gaeilge.

“While building on and celebrating the rich culture of An Taibhdhearc, Fíbín will bring a fresh new energy to the space,” he said, “cultivating and supporting new voices, presenting new stories, embracing new performance ideas, and be a springboard for electrifying, original theatre.”


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