Drone Bone Jetty - Little John in a dystopian landscape

Little John Nee’s new film to be streamed as part of the Galway Theatre Festival

Little John Nee in Drone Bone Jetty.

Little John Nee in Drone Bone Jetty.

IN A dystopian future, where ‘art without artists’ is the desired reality, Puck roams a ravaged landscape, attempting to find meaning in a world divorced from nature and humanity.

This is Drone Bone Jetty, a film from Little John Nee which will be screened as part of the upcoming Galway Theatre Festival.

“I am not a hologram, I’m a beating heart, I’m a living thing,” declares Puck Tyrell (Little John ) at the start of Drone Bone Jetty. He is waiting for a boat. He has had good luck lately - first the allotment, then the free ticket to Heebie Jeebies, and now the new job, the latest recruit for the Academy of Holodramatic Arts. However, an unexpected event tilts his life in a different direction, and he must use all of his skill and wit to escape danger.

Working through the pandemic, Little John and his collaborators have developed the piece online and have devised a format which includes performance from the Town Hall Theatre, as well as sections shot in Connemara and other locations around the county.

Drone Bone Jetty was written by Little John Nee and directed by Laura Sheeran, with costume design by Ilaria Pellizarro. The production manager was Mike O’Halloran and the creative producer was Dani Gill.

Drone Bone Jetty will be streamed by the Town Hall on Friday April 30 at 8pm. For tickets contact 091-569777 or see tht.ie


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