Mary Coughlan and Molly O'Mahony in Woman Undone. Photo:- Simone Rudolphi


'I’ve never done anything like this before'

Thu, Oct 17, 2019

COMING TO the Black Box is Woman Undone, a profoundly moving, brave, and beautiful fusion of theatre, music and dance, which tells the early life of singer Mary Coughlan.

Paul Currie and Bella Curve.


The Dirty Circus' Halloween Extravaganza

Thu, Oct 17, 2019

THE REIGNING Miss Burlesque Ireland winner, Bella Curve, and one of Ireland's leading comedians, Paul Currie, take to the stage of the Town Hall Theatre for The Dirty Circus' Halloween Extravaganza.


The late David Berman.


Silver Jews tribute at Róisín Dubh

Thu, Oct 17, 2019

IN AUGUST, David Berman, the vocalist, songwriter, and leader of the band Silver Jews, took his own life. In his memory, and to raise funds for charity, a show takes place this weekend at the Róisín Dubh.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Eye

Thu, Oct 17, 2019

A MIDSUMMER Night’s Dream, Shakespeare's magical comedy of transformation, jealousy, mischief, and mythology, recorded at London's Bridge Theatre, will be shown at The Eye this evening at 7pm.

Tom O'Mahoney gets set to defend cavemen everywhere.


Tom O'Mahony - Defending The Caveman

Thu, Oct 17, 2019

DEFENDING THE Caveman, Rob Becker’s celebrated theatre show, mixing stand-up comedy, lecture, and therapy session, is an attempt to resolve the battle of the sexes, is coming to Galway.

Memories of Dursey by Liam Jones.


Liam Jones' journeys through the west

Thu, Oct 17, 2019

OLD BOOTS And Other Stories may seem like an odd title for an exhibition of landscape paintings, but this is because the exhibition itself represents various journeys for the artist.

Boris Johnson may not be able to attend the upcoming Over The Edge reading, apparently he's busy.

Readings & Events

Over The Edge Brexit special

Thu, Oct 17, 2019

A POLITICALLY charged Over The Edge reading will place on the day that may - or may not, there is the Benn Act - see Boris Johnson crash the UK out of the EU without a deal.

Renée Zellweger as Judy Garland.


Judy marks major comeback for Renée Zellweger

Thu, Oct 17, 2019

JUDY IS based on the stage play End of the Rainbow. It is a sturdy and competent music biopic, there seems to be one of these every year and this is a one of the good ones.


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