Researchers from VIB – Ku Leuven Centre of Microbiology, Belgium by analysing the health data of a large group they have identified the bacteria which may play a role in depression.

The findings appeared in the journal Nature Microbiology in which they named the bacteria producing substances which interacted with the nervous system. These bacteria are known as neuroactive and were identified as genera coprococcus and dialister a remarkable finding.

The scientist found these bacteria were absent from the gut of the patients suffering from depression including the patients who were being actively treated and were on anti-depression medication.

Also in the gut of the people with depression, they found a bacteria usually found in the gut of people suffering from Crohn’s disease (Inflammatory Bowel Disease ) pointing towards may be an inflammatory connection?

That’s why Dr Bhatti believes in the importance of a healthy gut and a healthy Microbiome for our physical as well as mental wellbeing. Thats why he believes those people who are suffering from depression or any other illness their gut health and gut microbiome status should always be evaluated and corrected if possible. In his complementary clinic Dr Bhatti has been treating Gut Health and Dysbiosis ( imbalance between good and bad bacteria ) since 1989 .

In Dr Bhatti’s clinic he uses a multi pronged approach in treating many conditions with evidence based therapies such as Gut Health and Microbiome Restoration, Physiological Regulating Medicine (P.R.M ), Nutritional and Nutraceutical therapies, Lifestyle Medicine, Natural Hormonal Balancing, Glandular support, Soft tissue and joint support, Complex Homeopathy, Herbals, and Needle free Medical Acupuncture, Therapeautic Mindfulness and CBT techniques to achieve excellent results.

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