Getting back to health and fitness with Plexus Bio Energy

Michael O’Gara and Tina Forkan, Plexus Bio Energy.

Michael O’Gara and Tina Forkan, Plexus Bio Energy.

Plexus Bio Energy will help people to let go of the old and refresh their health, by clearing and balancing the energies.

“It is so important to keep the mind balanced as mental health is a big problem in our society and very much a hidden issue," said Tina Forkan and Michael O’Gara from Plexus Bio Energy. "We need to reach out and help those people, not ignore it, as it’s an awkward subject.

“At Plexus Bio Energy, we deal with these problems every day. To listen, balance the brain hemispheres, and reassure that person can make such a difference. The biggest problems why people with mental health issues don’t express how they feel is because they feel they will be judged.

“There are always ways of dealing with issues if our minds are balanced. Otherwise when our minds are blocked, we can create problems that don’t even exist, worrying about things that may never happen. It’s important for people to live in the present moment. The past is gone and the future will take care of itself.”

At Plexus Bio Energy on Merchants Road, Galway, Tina Forkan and Michael O’Gara have dealt with all types of health issues on a physical, mental, and emotional level over the past 25 years.

“We all need to realise there is always more we can do to improve our health. Never give up or you have given up on yourself,” they said.

“We have treated people who were told that they would have to put up with their pain all their life, but that was not the case at all. When you release an electrical blockage from the blueprint of the body it will allow a flow of energy current through which will clear the pain from the body."

Plexus bio energy involves rebalancing and locating energy blockages around the body. This energy is like electrical currents going through the body (in other words, the electricity of the body ).

As therapists, Tina Forkan and Michael O’Gara are able to feel those energies and can locate and diagnose blockages in the body which can cause physical, mental, and emotional problems.

Over a four day treatment they work on rebalancing these blockages, as they do this people feel sensations like tingling, coolness, and heat and a drawing back sensation.

Plexus bio energy works with all types of illness and for people of all ages — those with asthma, arthritis, depression, sport injuries, colic, blood pressure, back and stomach problems, etc.

People are advised to have three four-day sessions of treatment over a period of six weeks to bring them back to full health.

“We have enjoyed great results since 1990 in our practice in Merchants Road, Galway. It gives us great joy and achievement seeing people returning to health and helping to change their lives for the better. What people need to realise is never to give up as there is always help out there if you look for it,” they said.

For information contact Tina Forkan or Michael O’Gara at 091 568855 or 087 2810055, or visit Gift vouchers are also available.


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