Gut Health and Microbiome Restoration is an integral part of Medicine of the future.

Dr Bhatti believes that Gut Health and Microbiome Restoration is an integral part of Medicine of the future.

Studies have shown that our gut microbiota can influence many parts of our health including appetite, energy, immunity, and metabolism (obesity ).

Certain foods, medications (antibiotics ), pesticides, can affect the balance of our microbiota.

The conditions which may benefit from restoring the balance are:

1. Fibromyalgia

2. Chronic fatigue

3. Irritable bowel

4. IBD

5. Candidiasis

6. Leaky Gut

7. Anxiety / Depression

8. Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

9. Psoriatic Arthritis

10. Atopic Eczema

11. Obesity

12. Crohn's disease

13. Atherosclerosis(plaque in the arteries )

14. Arthritis/Inflammation

Dr Bhatti established his complementary clinic in 1989 and only uses evidence based Natural therapies such as Needle free Acupuncture, Low Dose Medicine, Gut Health and Microbiome Restoration, Lifestyle Medicine, Nutritional and Nutraceutical Therapy, Natural Hormonal Balance, Natural Glandular support, Needle free Mesotherapy, CBT and Mindfulness techniques to give excellent results. Dr Bhatti only uses natural, effective and safe therapies in his clinic in Galway.


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