Time to plant the spring bulbs

All the gardening programmes and magazine articles are telling us that if we want to have spring colour we need to take the time to plant our bulbs and seeds now. Of course, it is not enough to plant the seeds and bulbs, we need to make sure they are planted correctly and looked after and then we can look forward to having beautiful colour next Easter.

Gardening is a little like weight loss. At this time of year we are thinking of getting back on track as we know we have a family wedding, Holy Communion, confirmation, etc, next year, and we want to look well on the big day. However it is not enough to just say this, we need to make it happen by making changes to our diet/way of life.

Now is the time to make that start for a new healthy lifestyle, and joining or rejoining Weightwatchers is the way to get this into action. At WW we are all about wellness and behavioural changes. We have all done the quick fix diet which got results for a couple of weeks, and then we went back to our old habits and found that our old figures were waiting there for us.

Making behavioural changes means making this healthy lifestyle part of our everyday life, and we do not do this is a diet which has a short term goal. So, like those beautiful tulips we hope to have in our gardens next spring, isn't it time you planted the bulb for your weight loss journey? You will be so glad you did.


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