Six reasons why you should attend the Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Conference

For the first time the global lifestyle and functional medicine movement is open to the public in Ireland. Meet world renowned leaders in Lifestyle and Functional Medicine at this event, taking place in Galway on November 3.

Learn what is best for you if you are concerned with heart health, cognitive function, inflammatory conditions, etc.

Listen to 15 international experts from health, medicine, technology, and mindset.

Learn why standardised diets do not work: Despite recent advances in research, the idea that a given food will have the same effect for all individuals is still widespread. A study found that after ingesting identical foods, blood glucose levels could vary by up to 20 per cent in the same individual.

Many patients with prediabetes, cardiometabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes need a lifestyle change.

One of the root causes and risk factors for heart attacks in young men is insulin resistance. Diet is the solution.

Lifestyle and functional medicine practitioners are trained to address the root cause of the ailment, and not simply treating the symptoms. They look for patterns indicative of insulin resistance, such as weight gain around the midline, fatigue, feeling tired after a meal, cravings for foods, hot flashes, energy swings, mood dips, and blood sugar dysregulation.

Attend this event, and leave motivated and empowered to change your lifestyle. Functional medicine does not not replace any conventional medicine system, it enhances it.

Tickets are available for the public conference on Friday. Clinicians and healthcare practitioners will convene on Saturday.

The Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Conference takes place on November 3 and 4 in the Galway Bay Hotel. Tickets can be purchased online at


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