‘Studying with CNM is one of the greatest experiences you will ever have’

by Kelly Mulhall

I worked for many years in events and marketing which was very stressful. My diet was poor, I lived off ready meals, pastries, crisps, and coffee. I had suffered long term with IBS, eczema, and adult acne after coming off the pill for 15 years. I was run down and kept getting ill all the time. After countless trips to the GP and fruitless medical testing to get to the bottom of it all, I was so confused and upset as to why my body was completely out of sync. I had finally met my tipping point. From then on, I decided to start taking my health into my own hands and exploring ways to improve my symptoms.

I was sure that my poor diet and prolonged hormonal contraception were not good for my body and wanted to make changes to my diet and lifestyle. While talking to a friend, the topic of nutrition came up and it really resonated with me. There I was, struggling to enjoy full health, and stumbling across naturopathic nutrition was like an epiphany moment. I could get to the root cause of my symptoms, and improve my health through food — a win-win. I went on to research different functional medicine degrees and realised none of them had any real-life clinical experience. CNM’s 200 clinical hours meant I would be confident in my own practice as soon as I graduated. It was a huge bonus to have so much real life clinical experience rather than just academic learning and case studies.

Nutrition has changed my life in every way possible. I think, feel, look, and sleep better, and I am constantly rewarded when I am able to help those around me to live a better life. Whether you are interested in learning more about nutrition and health for yourself, to help someone you know, or even to become a practitioner, studying with CNM is one of the greatest experiences you will ever have. The knowledge you gain is invaluable and the ability to help others is everlasting.

Kelly Mullhall is a CNM nutritional therapy graduate.

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