Get beautiful eyelashes with LashLuv.

Seen as a universal sigh of beauty, long, full eyelashes are desired by most woman. Some are lucky enough to born with these stunning eye framers but for those who are not blessed with the seductive eye enhancers, there is huge amounts of time and effort put into applying mascara and curling.

Yet there is another option for beautiful eyelashes; LashLuv. Having recently relocated to their lovely new premises in Terryland Retail Park, LashLuv has been providing the women of Galway with stunning eyelashes for the past eight years.

The owner of LashLuv Monika Wojtysiak sat down with to discuss why you should get lash extensions for picture perfect eyelashes.

How has the move to Terryland Retail Park?

I would have to say it has been the best move ever. The team and myself are very busy with demand for lash extensions going through the roof. Currently there are three on the staff but we are hoping to add a fourth member early next year. Although we have many customers, the surroundings are very calm which is great because we can get a bit of peace and quiet when we are on our breaks.

Describe the process of applying lash extensions?

After a customer has scheduled an appointment, we would recommend that the customers undergoes a patch test beforehand to see if they are sensitive to the glue which is applied with the eye lashes. If the patch test shows no reaction we would then proceed to apply the lash extensions. We apply individual one lash to one natural life. Every lash is separated.

Every set of lashes is different for each person because the lashes will be on different growth cycles and even the lashes may be different for each lash because they can grow and shed at different rates. The lash extension stays in place for the length of the natural lash's life so the lash extension falls out with the natural lash. A lot of people incorrectly think that lash extensions pull the natural eyelash out. But it is the natural eye lash falls out by itself. Properly applied eyelash extensions do not affect the life cycle of the natural lash.

How do you prepare for the treatment?

The customer must make sure they wearing no eye make-up when they attend the appointment. Foundation is completely fine just as long there is no eye make-up. Then the customer can come in, lie down on the bed, and let us provide them with lovely lashes.

How long does the treatment last?

The treatment lasts for two hours for both eyes. The reason it takes this amount of time because in order to have the best results we have to separate the lashes and technicians need plenty of time to apply fake lashes too. But normally when the customer comes in and lies on our bed they are asleep within five minutes so they will not notice the time passing. You can also bring in your iPod to

listen to if you so wish. It is a very relaxing, chilled out experience and the girls are always up for a chat. People will say they enjoy the two hours because it is such a pleasant experience.

When should you come back if you want to get your lash extensions redone?

We recommend for our customers to come back every three to four weeks and this treatment would take one hour. It is a quicker treatment so a customer can pop in during their lunch break to get their lash extensions topped up and looking as good as new.

Do eyelash extensions hurt?

No. The extensions are very comfortable. You do not notice them; they feel like your normal lashes. If there is pain it means the extension has most likely not been applied properly. We are highly trained professionals. We train at least twice a year in London and we get trained by the top specialists so the staff are mentored by the best. One of our girls is taking part in a beauty competition. She has won on five previous occasions in the UK so we are very hopeful and excited.

Eyelash extensions are also very safe but some people may have a reaction to the glue which is used to apply the extensions. The numbers of people who would be allergic are very low - five per cent of the population - but we always recommend the patch test just to be sure. However, it has to be said that the test might not work because an allergy can develop at anytime. Customers who are nervous about doing it should not be worried. You can trust that you are in the best care and will get the best results at LushLuv. We have magic hands.

How are lash extensions removed?

You can come back to us here at LashLuv and have them professionally removed. But we have to use certain chemicals which may cause a reaction so we would advise customers to use coconut oil or baby oil to base of the lashes to melt the glue before they go to bed and keep doing so until they fall out. Otherwise the last extensions will naturally shed after a few days.

Are lash extensions for everyone?

Absolutely. Our oldest customer is 84 years old, so it is not only used by the young or middle aged. Lash extensions are for everyone looking for beautiful, longer, and fuller eyelashes for every occasion, from everyday use to special occasions such weddings or even the Galway Races. Everything is personalised. We see have to see what type of extension the natural lash can take so that they will not be damaged. There are other colours than black as well so there is a lot of variety.

How do you schedule an appointment?

Customers can use our online system which is very quick and easy to use. We also have a text service where customers can organise a treatment by texting 085 2487390. For more information visit or visit check out LashLuv's social media pages.

Do you offer training courses?

Yes, we offer training courses to anyone looking at how to apply lash extensions. I became a lash extension trainer four years ago. The training takes only one day and then it is all about practicising so there is the theory and the practical. The students will go out themselves to practise but I mentor them so they can contact me any time if they have any queries.


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