Strive Clinic — a new kind of healthcare service

Strive Clinic is a new kind of healthcare service which puts the patient at the centre of the decision making process.

Strive Clinic believes that improving your health has the power to change your life. It is an outpatient clinic which offers rehabilitation, health, and life-improving services for people living with complex medical conditions.

One of the areas the clinic specialises in is lymyphoedema management. The lymphatic systems plays an important role in regulating the body’s fluid balance and immune system; if it is not working properly, a build up of lymph fluids can lead to swelling in the affected area. Lymphoedema is the term used to describe this swelling. It is a life-long condition that requires ongoing and consistent care.

There are two main types of lymphodema. Primary lymphoedema occurs if the lymphatic system is poorly developed from birth and certain lymphatic structures are impaired or absent. Secondary lymphoedema results from treatment or trauma that damages the lymphatic system such as surgery or radiation therapy. Many people may be aware of secondary lymphoedema due to cancer-related symptoms.

Norah Kyne is the clinic's chartered physiotherapist specialist in lymphoedema management. She has more than 15 years' clinical expertise in this field and has a passion for working with people affected by this common condition.

“I understand the importance of providing a comprehensive programme of care to support patients on their journey to better health and wellbeing,” she says, “and my goal is to provide an evidence-based clinical programme to treat, educate, empower, and support the people in my care and also offer guidance and support to those involved in the patient's care.”

Norah Kyne works with an integrated team of healthcare professionals focused on helping patients reach their maximum potential and live the best quality of life possible. Strive Clinic works with each patient to develop an individual care plan tailored to his/her current health condition, medical treatment, and personal goals.

Strive Clinic is conveniently located in Briarhill Shopping Centre in Briarhill, Galway, and has free parking and easy access. For further information or to book an appointment with Norah Kyne or any of the team, call reception at Strive Clinic 091 393180 or email [email protected]. Check out to learn about all the services provides and to subscribe to the clinic's regular newsletter.



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