Free Information Evening – Neurofeedback Training – A new science-based approach for treating psychological disorders like ADHD, anxiety, stress and similar difficulties.

Wednesday 7th June at 7.30pm at the Ballybane Enterprise Centre

New Neurofeedback Training Clinic opening in Galway specialising in the treatment of a range of psychological disorders (including ADHD, anxiety, stress and similar difficulties ) in children and adults.

A new Neurofeedback Training clinic will open at the Ballybane Enterprise Centre, Galway this summer, specialising in the provision of neuroscience-based interventions for a range of psychological disorders. Actualise, Ireland’s leading NFT provider will open the clinic. NFT is a scientifically validated method of improving brain function. Dr. Michael Keane, a native of Galway and graduate of NUIG runs the company.

Actualise specialise in the treatment of ADD/ADHD, anxiety and related psychological issues in both children and adults. Their clinic has been running at Dublin City University for five years and is now expanding into Galway to meet the growing demand for services.

NFT is a neuroscience-based method of changing the way the brain works, with the goal of changing psychological functioning and mental health and well-being. It uses non-invasive EEG sensors placed on the head to measure what your brain is doing in real time. It then gives you feedback on how your brain is working, and gives you a reward – for example a game will play – when your brain function improves momentarily. Because it is rewarded, that improved brain function will be more likely to occur again in the future, leading to improved psychological functional, mental health and well-being.

NFT is used widely across Europe and the US in a variety of settings. It is a standard part of rehabilitation processes in the US military, and is used in hospitals and clinics there and in Europe to treat ADHD, addictions, panic disorder, depression, anxiety and related issues.

It is also used in peak performance – Actualise worked with Connacht Rugby in the 24 month period leading up to their famous Pro12 victory last year. It is used by AC Milan, Chelsea FC and the US Olympic Team.

Actualise are hosting a free Information Evening in the Ballybane Enterprise Centre next Wednesday evening (7th June ) at 7.30pm where Dr. Keane will provide information about the science behind NFT and talk through some of the cases who have attended the clinic in Dublin. Places at the talk are free but limited; you can book your place here:



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