Pain & Letting go...

What if, to be pain free means, to be free of pain both physically and emotionally. What if I said to live life without illness isn’t a quirk of faith or a chance, something which ‘good luck’ has fated us with, what if it were instead a conscious choice? This is something which I strongly believe; that all illness be it physical, mental or emotional is in a way some form of resistance to life and to what life wants or expects from me.

One might argue that given the choice, surely we would all choose to be happy, healthy and pain-free. But perhaps we are not yet ready for it. Perhaps we fear something, the loss of friends or family if we chose to be happy or perhaps it is simply ourselves and our own power that we fear. This fear that we carry becomes the root of all illness, both physical and mental. The fear blocks our energy field and bodily system and left untreated manifest into some form of pain or illness. Pain is just a precursor to the illness, hence why we must acknowledge and treat it. We all know that physical ailments denied or ignored lead to greater health problems, thus just like with the physical body we have the choice now to look at, see and feel our pain of all levels. We must learn to first see and feel it so that we can then go on to heal it.

Indicators of illness:

• Pain • Sadness

• Cold body

• Any Physical ailments

• Not feeling good in life

With the willingness to let go, you will be delighted to hear that this pain can be released and very quickly at that too. Once in tune with your intuition you will know and learn to feel where your body is holding pain; once these blocks are released your body simply allows the healing process to take place itself. The change is immediate.

To take this journey further and to learn to reconnect with the body I offer 3 x 40 mins sessions focused on getting people back in tune with themselves. Using my own intuition and physical release techniques I teach you to access your inner teacher, parent, guide, healer and self. All that it required of you is the willingness to let it go.



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