Elave Sensitive Baby Skincare awarded ECOCERT certification

Sensitive skincare brand Elave is the first research and manufacturing site in Ireland to be awarded ECOCERT natural and organic certification, for four of its baby skincare products.

Research shows that eczema has risen from three per cent to 24 per cent in just two generations. Elave promises absolute purity, which means that all formulations are free from sulfates, MI parabens, and other harsh chemicals, helping to defend a baby’s delicate skin barrier.

“Receiving Ecocert certification is a ground-breaking achievement for Elave, making our baby products the cleanest, safest, skincare for all babies, especially in the first six months of life when baby eczema and skin sensitivity can develop,” said Joanna Gardiner, CEO Elave skincare.

This certification means the Elave Sensitive Baby Skincare range has passed the world’s most rigorous testing process and been deemed to be pure, natural, and organic to the highest standard in the industry. The certification is only awarded to cosmetic products that are made up of at least 95 per cent plant-based ingredients and 10 per cent organic ingredients.

Elave’s Sensitive Baby Bath, Sensitive Baby Nappy Cream, Sensitive Baby Lotion, and Sensitive Baby Cream have all been awarded this certification. Elave Sensitive Baby Bath recently won Gold at the National Parenting Product Awards 2016 for Best Bath Time Toiletry Product. Elave’s Sensitive Baby Skincare products are available in pharmacies nationwide or at www.elaveskincare.com


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