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Have you ever had a birthday coming up and been asked by your significant other, parents or children what you would like as a gift? Have you ever felt like you should get the latest handbag, watch or boot made by the designer of the moment (hello Mr Kors ), not because you absolutely adored the design, but because you felt it was the “in” thing? Of course you have.

I have. We all have.

We’re all human, we all follow trends. Not just in fashion and beauty, in everything: the food we eat, the exercise we undertake (pilates, Crossfit, yoga all had their moments ). It’s in our nature, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Part of why we follow trends is to fit in, but another part of it is laziness. It's easier to eat what everyone else is eating. It's easier to buy the things that are "on trend" because to be frank, they'll be everywhere. Even if it's a Chanel coat, you can be sure the High Street will have a replica, if not a dozen.

There is no escaping once a new season piece strikes a chord with the fashion powers that be. It will start cropping up everywhere. So, sometimes it is very difficult not to follow trends, though we might not even want to, because that is all that seems available to us as customers.

It requires energy and effort to buck a trend and search for something different. But sometimes there can be great reward for that energy expenditure. By venturing into the unknown beyond the High Street and department stores, there are fashion treasures waiting to be found.

Smaller boutiques and shops can offer you something that the High St stores can't. A high quality product that embodies style as well as individuality. By weaving your way down the side streets of our bohemian city you will discover many boutiques and retailers, potential treasure troves for the pieces of your wardrobe dreams!

Your ideal handbag might not be sitting on a shelf under a fluorescent light in a packed department store, but in a small leather goods shop, where the retailer specialises in such products, knows all about exactly what they are selling and can advise you so that you get exactly what you want.

Likewise that winter coat you desperately need isn't necessarily the first one that fits and has a hint of military about it, and well you read somewhere that military was in this season so it'll do. The winter coat should be a wardrobe investment, something that lasts years, not a box you tick off this season's trend list and replace next year.

What you will find in many boutiques is that they do not strictly follow trends for every season, and neither should you. You should dress for your own personal style and body shape, and everyone's is different. Not everyone's style is going to be "on trend" all of the time. So deviate from the High St and the reliable department stores once in a while, explore what the smaller retailers have to offer. Their goods are far more likely to be style and quality-focused, and that equates to much more bang for your hard-earned wardrobe bucks than any piece that will only be "in" for a fleeting fashion moment!

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