A mind/body approach to health and fitness

Clare Rooney has been involved in fitness, health, and movement education for almost 30 years now. She began lifting weights in 1987 under the tutelage of her exercise physiology professor at the University of Limerick. With gold medals in Olympic lifting and springboard diving at national level, her experience as a high level athlete informs her approach to training her clients.

In order to excel in sports all aspects of the health of an individual need to be addressed. It is this mind/body holistic approach, using the science of the West and wisdom of the East, that allows Clare Rooney’s clients to look, feel, and perform better in their lives. Her new book Cracking the Mind/Body Code is now available on Amazon.

From rigorous biomechanical assessment, to individualised nutrition and exercise, Clare Rooney has a unique ability to guide the individual to higher levels of health, strength, and leanness. With more than 20 years of experience teaching Pilates and educating other trainers in the method she has become the go-to trainer in Galway for those with back issues. You can train with Clare Rooney in person in her Oranmore studio, or via her online personal training platform available at www.clarerooney.com

“If you are in the Galway area of Ireland you have my strongest advice to look Clare up if you want to get fitter, leaner and healthier," said Nick Mitchel, voted London’s number 1 personal trainer/feature writer for Men’s Health.


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