Breaking Free workshops in Galway

Prof Harvey Wasserman BSc MD (Yale ) will present a series of Breaking Free workshops combining teaching and therapeutic individual and group neuroplastic psychotherapy sessions. Limited to 20 participants seated in a tight circle, the sessions will start with exercises to help participants be fully present, feeling safe, trusting, and open, in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Subsequent exercises will involve participants in emotional, characterological, and spiritual healing experiences. Each participant will share his/her personal experience with the group and Dr Wasserman. Dr Wasserman will deepen each person’s experience. Members of the group will individually reinforce the learning and expansion that has emerged. Previous groups have found the experience deeply and joyously helpful.

Breaking Free workshops take place in Galway on the second Saturday of each month through to November, from 10am to 4pm. Cost is €50. Reservations can be made through [email protected].


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