Get in shape and save fifty per cent with Me2UFitness

Growing up Christina Dillon was always involved in sport and fitness, so it is not surprising that she owns her own fitness studio in the SCCUL Enterprise Centre in Ballybane, called Me2UFitness. She has been working in the fitness industry for the past five years and has seen the changes people are making to stay fit and healthy. She is a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist, kettlebell instructor, raw and military trainer. She has also just completed a children’s nutrition course. She feels it is good to continue educating herself in the industry.

Christina Dillon opened her studio in January 2015 and has built up a very good client base over the past year, helping a lot of men and women reach their health and fitness goals. She believes there is a balance for training, eating healthy, and enjoying life, but people need to find that balance first. Everybody is different in size, shape, and physique so you have to deal with every single person differently.

At Me2UFitness, Christina Dillon promotes weight loss, toning up, and strength training through regular weight training, cardio, and eating healthy foods. She provides an easy to follow food plan, which tells you exactly what to eat, it’s all about eating healthy and everything in moderation. There are 4 week, 8 week and 12 week programs to choose from. You get 3 x 30 minutes personal training sessions a week with a good mix of weight training and some cardio, getting you stronger, fitter, toned and giving you the feel good factor as well as plenty of energy.

To allow new members the chance to work with Christina, and to experience all the benefits from a Me2You Fitness programme, Me2You Fitness is delighted to offer Galway Advertiser readers a 50% discount on her one-month nutritional programme with 12 personal training sessions. To avail of this limited offer, simply log onto between now and the 5th August, where you can purchase this amazing programme.


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