Breathe well, stay well, sleep well

Functional wellness is a practical solution which maintains health and hygiene. Better-Bedding Mattress Protection products (Protect A Bed ) are manufactured with fabrics that have been combined with Protect A Bed’s proprietary Miracle Membrane®. These fabrics are waterproof, yet cool, quiet, breathable, and comfortable to sleep on while keeping your mattresses, box springs, and pillows clean and protected from human moisture, allergens, accidents, and pest infestations.

By using mattress protection, you will get a top-notch healthy sleep environment, free from liquid damage including spills or bodily fluids. Mattress encasements also prevent allergens like dust, dust mites, dead skin, and mould. You get what you need — wellness while sleeping, and protection of your mattress and pillows.

Protect A Bed guarantees both the Protect A Bed Mattress Protector materials and workmanship for 10 years, and any new mattress purchased at the same time against staining due to malfunction of the Protect A Bed Mattress Protector.

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