The Yeti Suite - singer/songwriter night @ The Loft

Felix Sonnyboy, Shaunna McEvilly, and Eoin Dolan in concert

Shaunna McEvilly.

Shaunna McEvilly.

THREE SINGER-songwriters - Felix Sonnyboy, Shaunna McEvilly, and Eoin Dolan - take to the stage of The Loft @ Seven tonight at 9pm for The Yeti Suite.

Felix Sonnyboy is a travelling musician and a multi-instrumentalist who can work his way through guitar, five-string banjo, piano, violin, dulcimer, harmonica, and kazoo, and whose inspirations include blues greats Bessie Smith, Leadbelly, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Blind Willie Johnson. He has been on the road since his teens, journeying through the USA, collecting 78rpm records, working at a preschool and starting a program called Interactive American Folk Songs for Children; busking around Europe; living on the Lummi Indian Reservation; and recording numerous albums, includinghis most recent, a live album recorded in Mullarkeys Bar, Clifden.

Galway singer-songwriter Eoin Dolan has impressed many since his debut solo EP Placid Ocean was released last September. His mix of Irish folk, singer-songwriter, and pop, with elements of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, reveals a promising talent entering a serious purple patch. He has played the Breaking Tunes Music Trail, Hard Working Class Heroes, and the MTV Crashes Cork Music Trail. His debut album is due in August on Citóg Records.

Connemara's Shaunna McEvilly released her debut EP Towers late last year. Her music mixes singer/songwriter, folk, and pop. Her lyrics are story driven and her background in theatre comes to bear in her live performances. For the Yeti Suite she will be joined by Martin Tierney on bass and Darren Concannon on violin. Towers is available via iTunes.


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