Yawning Chasm - songs for tenor guitar

A fresh look at some old material, from the Galway indie-folk singer-songwriter

Yawning Chasm - AKA Aaron Coyne. Photo:- Kernan Andrews

Yawning Chasm - AKA Aaron Coyne. Photo:- Kernan Andrews

YAWNING CHASM - the moniker of indie-folk singer-songwriter Aaron Coyne - may be one of the quieter presences on the Galway music scene, but his songs are not those which should pass you by.

The music of Yawning Chasm straddles folk-rock, singer-songwriter, lo-fi indie, and shoegaze - but always with a strong emphasis on the acoustic and the intimate, and often with a strongly melodic bent.

For the second time in seven months, Aaron has released a new album. May 2020 saw Us and Then, a collection of new material, and then, over Christmas, came Reprised Songs for Tenor Guitar, a fresh look at some older material recorded on the songwriter’s favourite instrument.

“In the summer of 2018, my friend Brigid gave me a 70-year-old Harmony 'Monterey' arch-top tenor guitar,”says Aaron. “When played, and the wood vibrated for a time, that comforting musty smell of old books drifted out of the F-holes.

"Feeling nostalgic I recorded a bunch of my old songs into the stereo mic of a Zoom H1, just whatever came to mind. Two songs wouldn't cooperate with the Harmony so I grabbed a nearby baritone ukulele.”

The 11-track album, mastered by Aaron Hurley, is streaming now on Bandcamp, from where it can also be downloaded.


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