Jazz, folk, and maybe metal - The Underscore Orkestra

The underscore Orkestra.

The underscore Orkestra.

HE SOUND of New Orleans, Eastern European folk, jazz, and Jewish music will collide in a rambunctious and exciting fashion when Portland, Oregon's The Underscore Orkestra plays the Róisín Dubh on Sunday June 7 at 9pm.

The Orkestra, often joined by live belly dancers, play a host of genres, which can also include Manouche Swing and even "acoustic metal"! Whatever happens on the night, one thing is sure, the band is guaranteed to get audiences up and moving. The band has toured across the Americas, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, travelling in many ways, including by aeroplane, train, boat, car, hitch hiking, and vegetable oil powered tour bus. However their favorite way is by bicycle, which they have done numerous times in Europe.

Tickets are available at www.roisindubh.net, the Ticket Desk at OMG Zhivago, Shop Street, and The Róisín Dubh.



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