Lifelong fitness at The Coast Club

Many ‘stars’ manage to transform their bodies seemingly overnight. Overweight celebrities having been lambasted in the popular entertainment magazines to go from size 16 to size six.

It is not just stars and celebrities who go from overweight to body-beautiful either as many trainers pride themselves on helping people lose large amounts of weight very quickly and numerous books and diets actually promise to deliver these dramatic metamorphosis ‘or your money back’.

While such transformations are impressive, you have to question just how healthy and successful dramatic weight loss actually is.

Very restrictive diets can trigger the starvation response which is designed to keep you alive in periods of famine. When you return to a less restrictive eating regime your body is primed for fat storage.

Here is an interesting statistic that the purveyors of get lean quick crash diets seldom share; only one per cent of crash dieters maintain their newly reduced bodyweight. That means 99 per cent of crash dieters ultimately fail.

At The Coast Club at The Connemara Coast Hotel the staff believe that moderate dietary restriction plus moderate increases in physical activity will always trump overly restrictive approaches. The Coast Club believes that losing weight, gaining muscle, or getting fit as a lifelong process where making small changes can eventually add up to something spectacular.

Call now and organize your free VIP pass to see the club. Contact (091 ) 503904 or e-mail [email protected] or find it on Facebook.


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