Three quarters of Galway women consider themselves overweight

Three out of four local women consider themselves to be overweight, according to a survey conducted by a Galway based company.

The study commissioned by Slender Xcellerate, a natural weight loss range from natural healthcare company Lifes2good, also reveals that only 25 per cent believe they are the perfect weight.

Some 800 women were interviewed as part of the survey which shows that 80 per cent of women nationally believe they are overweight.

Some 77 per cent of Galway women surveyed blamed lack of exercise and poor diet for being overweight. More than half of the women (59 per cent ) surveyed were between size 10 and 14 with 11 per cent being a size 14 to 16 and a further 11 per cent being size 16 and over.

Almost half of local women said they felt self conscious with a third feeling less confident while a staggering nine of 10 women admitting to experiencing “fat days”.

More than half (53 per cent ) of the Galway respondents said they are uncomfortable being seen naked in front of their partners with a shocking 49 per cent (nine per cent less less than the rest of the country at 58 per cent ) saying they are even more uncomfortable undressing in a communal changing room because of their body shape.

Some 59 per cent believe that slim women tend to succeed more in both their personal and professional life.

Nearly a third of respondents said that would try a weight loss supplement such as Slender Xcellerate when trying to lose weight.

More than half of Galway women said they bought clothes that were a little too small for them in the hope that it would encourage them to lose weight. Some four out of 10 women diet constantly with almost half (44 per cent ) of Galway women dieting just for special occasions with Monday being the preferred day of the week to actually start a diet. Some 76 per cent of Galway women watch dieting programmes such as RTE’s Operation Transformation.

The study revealed that half of the Galway respondents said they now buy cheaper food options because of the recession with 60 per cent admitting to comfort eating.

Eimear Cannon, marketing manager with Lifes2good, says the survey was commissioned to highlight women’s attitude to their weight and body shape and to see if opinions had changed.

“With women in the survey saying the ideal dress size for women being between 10 and 12 (81 per cent ), I think they are being more realistic about the goals they are setting themselves.”

Novelist, journalist and ambassador for Slender Amanda Brunker says she used to be one of the eight out of 10 women who considered themselves overweight.

“I wanted to lose my weight gradually and I wasn’t interested in a quick fix - I wanted long term results. I began to despair and started to think I would never shed the weight. That’s when a friend recommended I try Slender so I decided to give it a go as I had nothing to lose except the weight!

“The Slender programme worked for me because I don’t believe in fad diets, and I believe a little bit of what you fancy, now and then, does you good!”

Lifes2good is Irish owned with 25 people employed at its local head office and 14 at its worldwide offices including the UK, Holland, USA, France and Portugal.


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