Occupy Galway to mark one hundred days in Eyre Square

Occupy Galway will mark 100 days in Eyre Square with a series of events, including a charity gig for the Simon Community, over the coming week.

This Sunday Occupy will host a range of Galway musical talent including trad band The Rye, funk band Liminal, and singer-songwriter Seamus Rutledge for a gig in Fibber Magees at 9pm.

At event the Occupy will be raising awareness of the movement and promoting the demonstration it will hold on Shop Street on Wednesday. The money raised from the gig will go to the Simon Community.

On Wednesday February 25 at 1pm, Occupy will stage a theatrical demonstration to illustrate the situation facing the country.

A chain gang of politicians will be followed by mothers and children, nurses, business people, students, and the elderly will be driven down the road by a bunch of whip yielding bankers. They will drag a ball with €2.2 billion written on it - the amount the Government intends to pay the dead bank Anglo at the end of the month. At Spanish Arch the slaves will revolt against their oppressors and break their bonds and chase the bankers up the street.

There will be refreshments and music at the camp after the performance is completed.

“We hope that this will be a lively and entertaining way to show the Government that people are aware of their failed, corrupt, methods and that we will not stand by as they sell the country from under us,” said camp spokesperson Liam Heffernan.

For more information see OccupyGalway.org The camp is also looking for help in construction of props for the protest and those interested in helping out can drop by the camp to volunteer.



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