Notes for the season

Check list for October

While most of us did not get a chance to trot out our summer gear much in Ireland this year, we know for sure our autumn/winter stuff will be used. Below are five trends you should invest in for October.

Something faux: From Max Mara to Velvet, everyone is doing faux this season. I love the gilets and scarves, not only are they truly warm, but they instantly add an element of glamour and attitude to even the safest of outfits. And you do feel like you are luxuriating when you toss one on over anything. I love gilets. From the practical flat packed down versions in Max Mara to the more decadent faux versions, I feel like they go with virtually everything. And it is so rare that I truly love something that also happens to be useful.

Colour blocking: Buy into this trend, it is an easy way to be current and it is totally appropriate for all age groups. Look at the Salsa denim range — it has a good red (the best red I have seen in denim ) and an equally good blue. Salsa is affordable and will do you a favour. Girls of every age adore them because they lift up your bum and tuck in your tummy. A recent highly scientific poll in the second fashion floor (all right, we were all trying on denim willy nilly ) determined that these jeans did not suit only three of us (and we were bitterly disappointed ).

A serious blazer: One that says you mean business. I love the D&G version for its high quality tailoring and subtle sexiness, but Selected, Max Mara, and DVF all do really good versions. Look at your budget and go as high as you can afford. Everyone needs one, they get you out of more jams not just on the work front, but paired with a sexy cami they work very well for social outings as well.

A signature scarf: This one is easy because there are no rules at all. Go to the accessories department and one will speak to you. I have found that, like lipsticks, scarves just find you. When you walk into the accessories department in Brown Thomas, one will jump out at you. I promise. Make it yours.

Finally a fabulous winter coat: Buying good quality is never regretted and the beauty of it is you never have buyer remorse over a coat. You could be wearing your pyjamas underneath and you will look pulled together in one if it fits like a glove and is made of good quality fabric. I love the DVF red and gold this season, I know it is not every girl’s cup of tea but, like a signature scarf, you just know when a coat is meant to be yours. If your budget allows you to be frivolous with colour, take a look at the hot pink DKNY. It is magnificent. The combination of wow colour (and I mean wow ), excellent quality, and simple unfussy design is genius.


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