White collar boxing returns to the city

Would you like to get yourself in great shape, make new friends for life, turbo charge your confidence levels, and give yourself the option of eventually stepping into a boxing ring for an actual contest by engaging in an eight week programme in the noble art of self defence?

Are you tired of treadmills, bench presses, and promises from this gym or that gym that you'll lose pounds and inches but to no avail?

Then perhaps you need to enrol in the new white collar boxing programme and get yourself fighting fit at the purpose built fully equipped professional boxing gym in Riverside Commercial Park on the Tuam Road.

Well known martial arts instructor Pete Foley, who is also a certified boxing coach and professional personal trainer, is looking for 20 like minded individuals to partake in a white collar boxing programme which will take ordinary decent people and transform them into fighters through the use of heavy bags, skipping, proper pad work, sensible fighter’s diet, shadow boxing, controlled sparring (optional ), stretching and conditioning, etc, after which you will be ready to take on the world, or at the very least take on another white collar boxer at the end of the programme and experience the exhilaration of an exciting white collar fight night at a city centre hotel.

White collar boxing originated in the legendary Gleason’s Gym in New York in 1988. The first contest was held between Dr Richard Novak, an attorney, and Dr David Lawrence, who held a PhD in English literature.

After the contest the two men went to dinner to celebrate the birth of a new sport. Since then white collar boxing has been the fastest growing corporate contact sport in the world.

Gleason’s Gym’s membership is made up of 75 per cent white collar boxers.

Since the release of Hollywood blockbusters Million Dollar Baby and Cinderella Man white collar boxing membership has trebled in the US.

The safety of the boxers is paramount and participants are required to undergo a full medical check-up before being permitted to take part in any contest. Boxers must wear head guards, mouth guards, and 16oz gloves as opposed to the 10oz gloves worn in both amateur and professional boxing.

For more call Pete Foley on (087 ) 8119227.


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