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Linda jeans by ONLY, €59.95 at Born.

Linda jeans by ONLY, €59.95 at Born.

There are very few things in life worse than jean shopping. We here at Born have heard it described as ‘hell on earth’, a ‘torturous experience’ and ‘my worst nightmare’. Let us just say: we hear you.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is not a simple task; finding a needle in a haystack would be far easier. But once you do come across that wondrous pair you begin to wonder how you ever lived without them in the first place.

The Linda jeans (pictured, €59.95 ) by ONLY are the ultimate skinny jean — dark denim, a bit of a stretch, low waisted, and super slim around the leg. They are guaranteed to stay in style and are a wardrobe essential. ONLY stocks waist size 26-32 and leg lengths 30-34.

However if you have bigger hips or broad shoulders the skinny jeans look may not be something you are entirely comfortable with. A great alternative is flared jeans which will balance your figure out. The Miller Flared Madison Jeans by ONLY (€39.95 ) is a wide flared, dark denim jeans. It has a low waist with flattering pockets on the rear. Jessica Simpson is a big fan of this style — she teams them with skyscraper wedges and a loose-fitting top for a boho look.

If you are not digging the seventies flare, a simpler version of this style is the Lily jeans by Vila. Priced at €54.90, they are a dark blue denim colour and have a boot cut. Again, this is a very flattering look, but much simpler and more understated than the wide flare.

If you are just a simple blue denim jeans kinda girl, then look no further than ONLY’s Ultimate Stretch Denim pair – our no 1 bestselling jeans style. They are a bargain at only €24.95 and come in blue denim, dark denim, and black.


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