Healing House open doors to healthy living

To celebrate its second year in business, the Wholistic House of Healing will be hosting an open door day on Saturday from 1pm to 4pm.

The Wholistic House of Healing offers treatments for a variety of illness, from stress therapies to fertility treatments.

Guest speakers on the day are Lillian van Eyken, who will talk about the benefits of homeopathy; Colin Dempsey ,who will provide an insight into qi gong and tai chi; Jasmin Itter on shiatsu’s benefits; Mairead Heagny will offer guidance in the merits of personal power; and Ursula Jegge McFadden will present a talk and workshop on acupuncture, spagyric, and the Gerson therapy.

Leading practitioner, Ursula Jegge McFadden, who originates from the Alps in Switzerland, has used natural remedies her entire life and says: “Having taken a holistic approach I feel more in touch with the world around me. My grandmother was a naturopath and from a very young age taught me the benefits of calling on nature for the answers.”

McFadden is a well known face in Galway and has practiced ancient Chinese medicine for more than 10 years, providing acupunture, cupping, slay heat therapy, facial acupuncture, infertility, and obesity help. Having travelled to Tia Juane and San Diego, studying under the Gerson Institute in the management of chronic diseases, she now provides this technique at the Wholistic House of Healing and offers clients choices towards a healthier and more rewarding life.

The wholistic wellness workshop also offers a dedicated Zen chi zone, which enhances the body’s oxygen levels improving circulation and relieving body aches and joint pains. The Zen chi machine helps detoxify the body while providing non impact exercise to achieve incredible results and every lunchtime you can enjoy the benefits of the five Tibetan rites free.

The Healing House is located at No 4 Buttermilk Walk, Galway, and is open Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm, and Saturday from 9am to 2pm. For further information email [email protected] or phone 091-500780.


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