Aisling Connolly Plexus Bio Energy clinic

Aisling Connolly’s Plexus Bio–Energy clinic is the perfect place to revive your health and vitality. Plexus bio energy has achieved exceptional results in the treatment of a diverse range of conditions including back pain, digestive disorders, stress, headaches, grief, depression, asthma, and sports injuries.

Aisling Connolly has been a qualified plexus therapist since 2004 and has vast experience working with Michael O’Doherty, the co founder of the plexus system, at his clinics in Ennis. Ms Connolly is one of Mr O’Doherty’s senior recommended therapists, now running a full time clinic from the quaint setting of The Stone House in Clarinbridge.

Plexus Bio Energy works by rebalancing the energy within and around the human body. This energy vibrates electrically throughout the body. To be in full health, this energy needs to be in a state of continuous flow. When the energy becomes blocked or stagnant it not only affects the physical body, but mental and emotional aspects of our being also. These energy disturbances can be caused by physical, mental, or emotional shock or stress. Plexus bio energy re-establishes the flow of energy, promoting and restoring wellbeing. The treatment takes place over four consecutive days, 45 minutes per day.

“My son (at 12 months ) suffered from continuous chest infections and wheezing caused by viral respiratory infections,” said one customer. “I contacted Aisling after she was recommended to me by a family friend. I told her how I was concerned about the amount of antibiotics he was receiving and was open to any alternative. After receiving two or three sessions, my son, who is now 17 months old, is in full health and did not regress back. The whole experience has been hugely rewarding for us.”

Pregnancy and holistic massage are also available at the clinic. For more information or testimonials visit or phone (087 ) 2106717 or (091 ) 485962.


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