Spin with Jim in 2011

With the new year under way, turning your legs in circles will get those calories burning.

Spinning or indoor cycling is a world famous group cycling class that offers a host of benefits including a better aerobic fitness, healthy weight loss, and stronger legs and back muscles. It is a great calorie burner, averaging 600 calories — the equivalent of two bars of chocolate — per workout, and there are complicated moves to learn.

Spinning is suitable for all levels of fitness, from the total beginner to the fitness class addict. You pedal your own bike; you set your own level all under the guidance of James O'Donnell, who has over 10 years’ experience teaching spinning. Classes are set to music and are managed and progressed.

James O'Donnell will ensure your position is safe and comfortable to get the best from your workout. One of the greatest advantages of spinning is the lack of impact during the workout. There is no impact on the hips, knees or feet, a huge advantage to people who find running or boot camp style classes too stressful on the body, or who are just starting into an exercise routine. No impact leads to greater time exercising and better fitness results.

James O'Donnell runs an independent spinning studio in Mervue, Galway. Directions are on contact page www.jamesodonnell.org

Classes take place on Monday at 7pm and Wednesday at 7am, 1pm, and 8pm.

Classes cost €10 and are 50 minutes in duration. All you need is comfortable workout clothes, bottle of water, and a towel. Showers and parking are provided.

For more information contact James O'Donnell at (087 ) 6688677.


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