Notes for the season

Spring clean

Spring is the perfect time to detox your closet. This time of year we start thinking about decluttering and buying a few key pieces to transition into spring. Before you buy a single piece, gut your closet by emptying every single thing out of it. A ‘quick tidy’ is vastly different from a ‘gut’. You will know this because it is more time consuming, creates more anxiety, and is ultimately more satisfying. Not to sound all Joan Crawford-ish, but its time to retire any wire hangers you may have. Store bought hangers are relatively cheap and make all the difference in keeping your clothing in good nick.

Everybody knows in their heart and soul what they need to say goodbye to. To quote Kenny Rogers, “Know when to walk away, and know when to run.” Be ruthless. Now is no time to be sentimental about an old dress an ex boyfriend used to love on you. In with the new! Make a ‘need’ list and a ‘want’ list and carry them around in your wallet. When you are in Brown Thomas, whether browsing with a friend or in on a mission, refer to the list. A few simple questions to ask regarding genuine ‘needs’:

Do you own a good quality day bag? Readers of this column know I have a soft spot for Mulberry, and for work, the Bayswater, well, just works; in chestnut for spring.

Is there a nice dress option in your closet? Max Mara currently has some beautiful ladylike sixties inspired dresses that scream simplicity and elegance. A beautifully cut dress is always the simple answer for any working girl running out of the house in the morning. The most amazing floral print out there at the moment has to be done by D&G. An explosion of turquoise blues and raspberry pinks, this dress really signals a change of season.

Looking for a good trench coat? Michael Kors has a sharp one in navy, with silver buttons and a nice clean silhouette.

The ‘wants’ are less logical but perhaps even more powerful a pull. It is more about how they make you feel. It is hard to walk past the peep toe leopard print Louboutins, they would make any outfit. A fun, good quality, T-shirt, as seen in Sonia Rykiel, works well under a blazer or tossed over a pair of jeans. The D&G black leather jacket, with the ruffle detail, fits like a glove, and is another little luxury that just makes us so happy. Can a girl ever have enough scarves? Luckily they combine wants and needs. Winter or spring, I have an addiction. Lily and Lionel in Brown Thomas just keep delivering more and more diverse and exquisitely patterned scarves.

Colour block and be specific, down to the very colour of the items you will introduce into your newly tricked out closet. It will stay sharp and edited longer and ultimately get you out of the house faster, either for work or a date.


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