Make 2011 the year you shop for your shape

We all have part of our body that we don’t like. We can easily get confused on what shape we are and what to look for when it comes to shopping. Here are some of my top tips and guidelines to make you feel much better when it comes to shopping smarter and finding what is right for you.

One of the most common body types is the pear shape: smaller on top than on the bottom. The trick is to minimise your hips and thighs by avoiding details on them, and draw the attention on your top half using lots of details such as accessories, ruffles, and jewellery. Try showing off one of your best assets, which is your tiny waist, by wearing an A-line fitted dress.

If you feel you are pretty much straight up and down and you want to introduce womanly curves, you may have what we call a boyish or a column figure. The shape of your clothes can help you create curves. You need to add volume where there is a lack of curves. For example a shirt with ruffles at the front will create a fuller cleavage. In a skirt, look for details on the hips and bum. Use as many details as you want, such as pockets, horizontal lines, or layering, and go for higher necklines.

For someone with a voluptuous figure, known as curvy, don’t hide behind baggy clothes in the hope that they will make your curves invisible, because they won’t. They will make you look bigger. If you find dressing for your shape challenging, remember the following: invest in good, supportive underwear which will make a difference under your clothes, and large statement necklaces which will make you look smaller. When looking for a dress, don’t be afraid to show off your waist. Just look for shapes that give you support in the tummy and perhaps have a wide waistband to create a waist where there may be none.

If you are blessed with curves in the right places then you may be an hourglass figure. You should invest in proper underwear, especially a really good bra, and wear clothes that follow the curves of your body. Because you have such a small waist, you should wear clothes that have shape at the waist. The belt is your best friend, as is the V-neck.

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