Coco Chanel — be classy and fabulous

Dress by Debenhams.

Dress by Debenhams.

Iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”. If you are wondering how to attain an effortlessly classic style, this guide should help you.

First, develop a style. Whether you prefer the strong shoulders and sharp tailoring of the 1940s, or the chic modern-day French look, you must learn to put together outfits in your own way. Must haves for any wardrobe include a flattering dress, a pair of sunglasses, and well cut trousers or skirt, a shirt, low heels or flats in a neutral colour, and a coat.

The little black dress is an elegant favourite with many women. It can be matched to any accessories, and worn to almost all social functions. Finding a style that suits you depends largely on your body type. Dress for the occasion. If you are unsure of how formal the event is in advance, try a blouse and knee-length or calf-length skirt, or a simple dress of similar length, with low to moderate heels.

Wear clothes that fit you! Looking slimmer is not about wearing more fitted or baggy clothing. Clothing with breathing room and comfort will not only make you look better but feel better too.

A little make-up really makes a difference. Keep it simple and light with three essentials that I would recommend — mascara, lipstick, and some power or light foundation. This will enhance your best features. The key is to look natural and elegant with the right light shade for your complexion. True beauty radiates from within.

When accessorising, don't overdo it. Wearing a great dress or outfit with a single ring, pair of small earrings, and a small necklace is fine. Before leaving the house, look into a full length mirror with your entire outfit. You will often start to strip a few accessories away or tone down bold shoes and handbags. Your bag does not have to match your shoes, but make sure your accessories don't clash with each other.

Finally, remember good manners and great attitude will definitely help you to be remembered not only for your impeccable good taste, but also for your warm personality.



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