How to wear hats and headpieces

The secret is to choose the right hat/headpiece and wear it correctly with confidence. I believe that there is a hat to suit everyone. Here are some tips on how to find the right hat or headpiece for you:

Choose a hat or headpiece that fits your face and complements your skin color as well as the outfit. For instance, a person with ruddy cheeks will look good in a brown hat. Some shades can be difficult to wear. Yellow, black, pastels can do wonders for some, but can wash out or appear sallow on others.

To find the best hat, try on as many different hat styles as you can, round crown, square crown, tall crown, short crown, no brim, wide brim, upturned. There will be something there for you. A small brim or a narrow crown hat is best if you are of short stature. A taller person can wear a bigger brim. The crown of the hat shouldn't be narrower than your cheek bones. A person with a long face should not wear a hat with a lot of height, but a person with a round face will look good in a tall hat.

How you wear your hat will also determine whether the hat suits you. There are exceptions, but hat styles these days are generally designed to be on top or forward on the head, not tipped back on the head. Try tipping the hat forward and at an angle (right or left ).

As for headpieces the rule is to place it foward or slightly backwards either on the left side or right side. It cannot be too far back.

For most hats, it is best to pull your hair back or let it hang down without styling it around your face. If your hair is long, tie it back. If short, make sure it is styled and that the hat does not flatten it.

Here are some tips to choosing a hat to suit your outfit:

If your outfit is very busy, you may want the hat to be simple. If the outfit is simple you can go to town on the hat.

Is the outfit sharp, tailored, soft or draped? Ideally you need these elements to be complemented in the hat.

When shopping for a hat, make sure you take your dress/outfit and accessories with you, so you can coordinate colours better

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