The perfect racing hat

The Galway hat shop, located downstairs in Corbett Court/Eyre Square centre, boasts the best selection of international and Irish milliners in the country. This enables the store to offer customers a wide selection of individual designers with unique styles. Designers include Catherine Cooke, Nigel Raymond Couture, Vivienne Sheriff Millenry, and Peter Bettley.

Many of the shop’s customers have won best dressed lady at racing festivals throughout the country. One of the most successful designers currently in stock is Niav Riley, who has had massive success within racing circles, winning best hat at the Galway Races in 2005. Her hats are special, and something to undoubtedly attract the attention of the judges.

At the moment the shop is focused on the Races, with the most dramatic hats in stock.

“The thing about the Races for for hat lovers is there are no limitations on what you can wear, every colour is acceptable, the more dramatic the better, it is all about mixing a bit of fun with glamour and style. Unlike weddings where people don’t want to stand out, at the Races it is a must, and a chance to go wild”, says store owner Sandra Divilly, adding, “With competition being so high it’s not just about the hat, in recent years it has been the trend to have handbags matching hats”. Divilly says that big colour combinations this season are purple/limegreen, royal blue/strong yellow, and deep colours mixed with luminous bright colours, contrasts make for a very striking look. Statement handbags are also in at the moment. For sale in the shop, and exclusive to the west are designer bags from Mary Frances, often seen on the arms of celbrities such as Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.

For the cold days in Ballybrit there is a slection of wraps in stock, which along with all jewellery, have currently been reduced by 20 per cent.

Galway Hat Shop has a hat and price range to suit everyone, with rental hats staring at €15 and headpieces for sale from €30.

For more information drop into the shop or phone 091 561052. The Galway Hat Shop is open from 10pm-6pm Monday to Wednesday, 10pm-8pm Thursday and Friday,12pm-6pm on Sunday. The shop will be open from 9pm-6pm on Ladies Day.



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