Top tips for racing in style

The key to racing style is to love what you are wearing, so that you will feel and look comfortable and carry yourself with confidence.

The outfit should suit your colour, your shape, and the environment. Go with what works best for you. A dress should be neither too short nor calf-length. Remember that by the time you have accessorised the outfit, applied make-up, and styled you hair, you might have done too much. Try to picture in your head the look that you want to achieve; it will help you to consider the completed look and aim for balance.

If you wish to win at Ladies’ Day, then be courageous and individual. For instance, choose an amazing statement dress. It could be in bold colours, or have lots of embellishments. Balance it with more subtle accessories and appropriate make-up and hair.

If you go for a classic simple piece, highlight the outfit with some statement jewellery, hat, or shoes.

Accessories are great for changing a look, whether you want to be dramatic or more classic. They do not have to match but they should complement the outfit. If you cannot find the right colour of bag or shoes, remember that colours can also be found in lipstick or hair accessories, so you have more options to choose from.



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